Minister’s Message

Happy July, UU Manchester family!

July 1 marks the beginning of a new church year for us, and this year we begin our journey together in full-time shared ministry!

I have office hours that will be in the newsletter and Order of Service – these are open hours that I commit to being in the building, so you can stop by during those times and expect to find me here. I will also be here at other times outside of those hours, and I am able to schedule during other times for meetings, pastoral care, or other conversations. Just give me a call or an email and we can arrange a convenient time.

Through the summer, my time in the church will be meeting with committees to discern how I can best support them, preparing for fall programming, assessing the areas of ministerial administration needs, exploring the facility, and being accessible to you – the UU Manchester community.

I plan to attend some of our Summer Worship services to support the Worship and Music committee – some of you saw me at Luc’s Pride service on June 25th!
I will also be joining you at potlucks, and helping out with projects – like hanging our new Pride banner (thank you Parker Prescott, also Liz and Jim Alcauskas!)
I have in the office our easel notes from the Town Hall meeting on the ministry, so your hopes and visions are always close at hand!

I finally feel completely moved in at the church office, so feel free to stop by any time to say hi!!!
Enjoy your summer!

In faith,
Rev. Kali