Our Members and Friends are encouraged to plan for the end of their lives. The idea of surrendering to death may be frightening, but for most people a natural, peaceful death is preferable to a meaningless and prolonged artificial existence. Modern technology can keep us alive even when our brain is irrevocably damaged. Prolonged life can emotionally drain your loved ones who must endure your condition. It can also drain your assets and impose considerable financial hardship on your family. With a living will you express, while you are in good health, your rational choice of when to discontinue life support. Health providers are frequently reluctant to honor the requests of seriously ill patients because they cannot be certain the decision is rationally made. A living will also expresses your intentions to your physician when you cannot make your preferences known. A living will provides important legal protection for your health care providers. With a living will they can effectively discontinue life support without fear of a lawsuit. Most importantly, with a living will you decide the precise circumstances for discontinuing treatment and also clearly state who among your loved ones and health care providers should have the power to decide when to withdraw life support.