Non-fiction Reading Group – October 3, 7 pm

There is a non-fiction reading group that meets monthly (mostly) on the
first Monday of each month. For October 3rd we chose to read Seven
Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli.  This is a book about the joy of discovery – a
playful, entertaining, and mind-bending introduction to … read more.

Fall 2022 Hospitality -Sign-Up

The Fellowship Committee would like to get our Fall 2022 Hospitality Sign-Up Spots all filled up soon.

As in year’s past, we request that all Members, at least, take one turn doing hospitality in the Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring.

Hosting Hospitality on Sundays is all very, very easy stuff!  … read more.

Dinner Invitation – Saturday, September 24th

Let’s celebrate a new beginning in the life of our church with a sit-down dinner, in the freshly restored Fellowship Hall Saturday, September 24th starting at 5 PM. 

This occasion will feature the welcoming of our old friend, Rev. Kali Fyre, who has graciously accepted our … read more.