New to UU Manchester? Please consider helping our team of greeters by filling out our visitor connection card before you join us. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Service begins at 10 am every Sunday September through June. July/August services start at 9am. All are welcome!


Tips for Online Worship

Participation in a Zoom Sunday Service needs everyone’s cooperation for it to be successful. By being careful about your video and audio while attending a Zoom service, you can help can make the service a pleasant, welcoming, inspiring, and meaningful experience for everyone.


If your video is on, please be attentive to what others are seeing. Attire and backgrounds should be appropriate for all ages. If what’s happening in your video is distracting or potentially embarrassing, a tech service helper or host may turn it off on your behalf. We also ask that if you need to leave the room or move around for any reason during the service that you turn off your camera before doing so. Seeing movement can draw the focus of fellow participants who are trying to view the service. This also goes for pets. 😊 If your cat or dog (or tortoise, etc.) is particularly active around your device during service, please turn off your video during their visit to minimize the distraction it may cause for others.


Apart from our service leaders and helpers who may be speaking, we ask that all microphones remain muted until the service is over. If you notice that your audio is on, please mute it, and be aware that if you are accidentally un-muted, anything you say or any background noise could be broadcast to everyone and disrupt the service. The minister or service leader will let everyone know when the service has concluded and fellowship may begin, at which point you may turn on your microphone and take part in our virtual “coffee hour”.


The Chat box is typically open just before service begins and you are welcome to greet one another there. We do ask that you refrain from chatting during the service unless you have been called upon to do so, for example during Joys and Concerns. If you have an issue during the service that needs attention, you can send a private message to the Zoom host or co-host and they can try to address it. This can be done by going to the bottom of the chat box and changing the recipient from “Everyone” to the specific person you are trying to reach. Hosts and Co-hosts will have that title next to their names for identification. The chat space is reserved for positive communication among church members and visitors and should not be used for sharing of topics unrelated to the service or any unfriendly commentary.

Wearing your Zoom “Name Tag”

When signing into a Zoom worship service on a Sunday morning, please be sure that your screen name appears as your real name. If you do not wish to share your full name, a first name and last initial is great. This helps our greeters identify new visitors and welcome them to UU Manchester.

If you are new to Zoom and have any questions about how it works, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you. There are many online tutorials to explore as well if you are interested in learning more.