Youth activities to begin again at church Sunday mornings during our services.

This Sunday, March 12th, we are beginning to get our youth activities (Sunday School) back on track after a long COVID break.  Starting this Sunday and continuing forward for most Sundays, we will offer activities for children of preschool age-high school. If you have a child who would like to participate they will begin in the Sanctuary and then be released just before centering. Plants and seed starting are the targeted beginning activities.

We do ask that you complete a very short information card available at the back of the church when you come in for each child who will participate, just so we know who is participating and if there are any special considerations the teachers need to be aware of (allergies, etc.). The children will be provided with a snack at the end of the activities, which will coincide with the beginning of Coffee Hour.

Contact Brian Selling,, if you have any questions. Brian is a licensed and practicing grade/middle school teacher who is heading up our renewed youth activities effort.

Any parent who desires to participate or observe are welcome. Any adult members or friends who would like to participate as teachers should contact Brian. We are looking for volunteers who might want to do it every Sunday or maybe just once in a while.

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Here is the form we will ask parent to complete:

and the text of the form is:

Name of child__________________  Age_____

Does your child have any allergies or medical conditions the teachers should be aware of?

Yes____        No_____

If yes, please briefly explain:________________________________________________

Your name_______________________

Contact cell phone_________________

I give permission for my child to participate in youth activities on Sunday mornings during church services. These activities will include storytelling, arts and crafts activities, snacks, movement breaks, outdoor exploration (on church grounds only), and related activities.

Printed Name____________________ Signature__________________  Date___________