UU Spiritual Practices Class – Thursdays at 7pm beginning Sept. 30th on Zoom

Unitarian Universalist spiritual practices?  Are there any?  Were there, ever?

There is a set of practices are natively part of the American Unitarian tradition (many also from the Universalist tradition).  They’re ours, as inheritors of that tradition.  

Are you interested in learning and using the spiritual practices that shaped many of America’s great figures—among them literary figures like Emerson and Thoreau, feminists like Margaret Fuller, and social justice advocates like Theodore Parker?

These are powerful practices.  Some of their practitioners were driven by these practices from late-18th century Puritan notions of religion into Unitarianism, and in time found themselves obliged to heed their newest insights and convictions, even when those drove them beyond the bounds of the most liberal Christianity of their day, into what today we might call Natural Religion and Ethical Christianity. 

Objective of the class:

1.     To learn about and experience these practices.  

2.     To allow you to decide whether to adopt some (or all) of these practices for your own use.

For more information, email Rev. McLaughlin: minister@uumanchester.org

This class begins Sept 30 (tomorrow night) at 7pm. It will run six weeks, each Thursday, skipping October 28 (ending Nov 11). Each class should take about 1 hour (and will not run more than 90 minutes).

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