Treasurer Needed!

Our current Treasurer, Doug Atkins, is retiring on June 30th after doing an outstanding job for many years! Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts, Doug! UU Manchester is therefore looking for someone to take over and fill Doug’s very capable shoes.  Ideally, that person has accounting experience, or managed business and is familiar with bookkeeping concepts, is computer knowledgeable, and is willing to commit to this fundamental position.   Besides the obvious qualities of honesty, integrity, and ability to work discretely, the person must be totally committed to the Church.   The elected Treasurer will enjoy being at the center of all that goes on at UU Manchester, including serving on both the Executive Board and the Finance Committees. For details of what is involved, you can contact past Treasurers Doug, June Larkins,  Brian Selling, or Web Anderson. We thank you for your consideration!

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