Summer Hospitality

In years past, Hospitality wasn’t done during the Summer Months.
However, that changed last Summer.

As we came out of Covid and started to meet ‘In-Person’ again in the late Spring of 2022, Dave Dutilley and I started doing Summer Hospitality. 

I would like to continue Hospitality throughout the Summer of 2023.

There currently exists three Sundays in June as well as all Sundays in July and August that we will look to fill for Volunteers. We have typically asked each Member to do Sunday Coffee Hour once in the Fall and once in the Spring. 

I have Updated the Hospitality Schedule to Include the Summer Months and we are asking everyone to ‘please lend a hand.’

As always, you can find the Hospitality Schedule via the Web-Site through the
‘Hospitality’ Button on the bottom of our main Page. 

I am also providing the link here, for your convenience :).

UU Manchester Hospitality Schedule

Remember, Many Hands Make Light Work! 

Thank You! ~Jefferson