The Board of Directors and the Fellowship Committee would greatly appreciate the Congregation’s Support for Hospitality during the upcoming months by volunteering.
We ask that you use the Online Sign-Up Sheet. By using the Online Sign-Up, this eliminates having too many people show up at the last minute and having an overcrowded kitchen. Continued use and Review of the Online Sign-Up Sheet, helps us all meet that goal.

The Board of Directors and the Fellowship Committee are committed to using the Online Sign-Up Process for the long term, as UUM continues to best leverage existing technology and adhere to Best Practices. Additionally, the Online Sign-Up has become an easy Organic process for all, whereby our Office Administrator can reach up to the Cloud each week and easily Populate the Order of Service with whomever has Volunteered for Hospitality that Sunday.

The Sign-Up sheet works on both Windows and Apple products. For Apple Computers, please use the Safari Browser. For non-PC/Mac (Portable Devices), please also ensure the Google Sheets App is downloaded on your Device. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.
As we return to 10 A.M. services, we will resume having each member taking a turn doing Hospitality at least once in the Fall and once in the Winter/Spring.

The Link to the Online Sign-Up Sheet can be easily accessed through our Website, using the Hospitality Button on the very bottom of the main UUManchester.Org Page.

Feel free to reach out to anyone involved with Fellowship or the Board of Directors, should you have any questions 🙂 Thank YOU! ~Jefferson