Speaker: Dave Dutilley

“Mabonesque – Autumnal Reflections”

Mabon, Autumnal Equinox, First Day of Fall. Whatever we call it, this time of year conjures all sorts of images, memories and feelings, some wonderful, some not so wonderful. What are some of your traditions, favorite activities, and memories, sweet or bittersweet of this time of year?  

“Talking to Strangers”

A service about the gifts we can find when we break through the fear of reaching out. Parker Prescott shares a sermon about the chance interactions that impacted his life in the midst of grief. 

Coffee House Service

We are excited to try an open mic service this upcoming Sunday. Is there something you want to share? Poetry?, Music?, A short story?  Presenters will be given up to 5 minutes each to share. We are looking to have up to 9 presenters as well as alternates.  Interested? Call, text or email Dave Dutilley … Continue reading Coffee House Service