Our daily lives are built upon routines of activity, within the larger repeats of culture and species, set in the seasonal patterns and biological imperatives of the physical world. As we strive or stumble along within the built landscape of our habitual and historical thinking can we really say that anything is random, surprising, left to chance? A “Time for All Ages” Join us!

About the Guest Minister: Rev. Michael F. Hall has been serving our congregation in Keene since July 2012, and was installed as the 23rd settled minister of the church on March 17, 2013. Rev. Hall graduated with honors from Andover Newton Theological School (now Andover-Newton Yale) in 2010 and was honored to receive the Massachusetts Bible Society prize for “The Public Reading of the Christian Scripture” —the first Unitarian Universalist to be so honored within anyone’s memory. Before heeding the call to ministry, Michael spent nearly 20 years as an interpreter and museum educator at a well-known living history museum in Plymouth, MA, and afterwards worked as a case manager on the dual diagnosis unit of a detox, also in the Bay State. Michael lives in Keene with his wife Jill and two of their children. He loves hiking with Scruffy, the family dog, BBC mysteries and costume dramas and love, love, LOVES his Red Sox.


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