Lughnasadh 2018

Reap the Harvest, Share the Bounty

Taking inspiration from the Celtic Pagan celebration of Lughnasadh (Old Gaelic for “Assembly (or Feast) of Lugh” – A Celtic God of Thunder), we will honor the day, also known as Lammas (“Loaf Mass”), the first of three Celtic harvest festivals with song, food, stories, and recipes!  While expressing gratitude for the bounty of the season, we will also try to share some of our bounty with those for whom hunger is a very real part of life.  To that end, please bring a non-perishable item to the service at 9 AM, Sunday, August 5th.  Items will be collected and offered to the NH Food Bank.  In addition, please bring a favorite recipe of the season (one copy is all that’s needed) and we will swap recipes to increase our appreciation of the good uses to which all the wonderful produce of the season can be put!  Looking forward to seeing you there!


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