Join Us! Spruce Up the Space on Aug 7 after church service

Join Building Committee Chair Eric Zulaski for a day of fun and fellowship as we sort and clean the RE wing. We’ve already made progress on two rooms: 

  1. A comfortable sitting, meeting, and gathering space
  2. A revamped nursery playroom (Which Wally Dutilley loves) 

We are now turning our attention to:

  1. A craft space for use by all ages 
  2. The DRE Office 
  3. An RE classroom space
  4. Storage closets 

We need your help, even if you can’t lift or move items, we need people to sort and identify what items to keep, what items to store, and what items to discard. We will also need people with an eye for layout and maximizing the space, so please come if you can! 

We will have pizza, snacks, and beverages available for volunteers. 

For any questions, please reach out to Eric Zulaski or Dave Dutilley via phone, email, or in person.

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