“Deserving the Common Good”

Weather forecasts for this weekend indicate a likelihood of snow arriving Saturday evening into Sunday morning, with a potential of heavy snow with significant totals. This will depend on the track of the storm.
Our primary concern is that all members of our community remain safe, so with that in mind, we may cancel in-person attendance and move to online only to avoid any travel concerns.

Rev. Kali will be in communication with the Music Director and Accompanist, as well as members of the Board and will make a decision on Saturday afternoon about the status of Sunday Worship.

We will send an all-church email announcing any cancellation of in person services, we will be added to the WMUR-TV list of cancellations, and we will post on our church Facebook and Instagram pages and on the church website. In email, social media, and website posts we will include our Zoom link, which is also always on the worship section of our website and in Amy’s weekly emails. Please be sure Zoom is up to date on your computers (missing updates on home computers is a very common connection issue with Zoom).

Please stay safe, warm, and dry; and watch for these notifications.

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