Allegories on Race and Racism

Today we celebrate an exchange of ideas in the spirit of having a positive impact on those inside and outside of our faith community.

We will participate in a TEDx-like experience by combining a 20-minute TEDx video followed by a brief discussion led by Aron DiBacco, GSOP, New Community Organizer.

The TEDx video entitled “Allegories on Race and Racism” will feature Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones.  Using allegories, Dr. Jones will illustrate the issues of Institutional Racism, Personally-mediated Racism, and Internalized Racism.  This video will help build awareness about race and racism, and develop a shared understanding of the impact of race and racism on health.

This Service will introduce you to a deeper understanding of how our unconscious biases perpetuate systemic racism in our culture.

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