SAVE THE DATE : UU Manchester Plant Sale at Church on Saturday May 22, 2021 (Rain Date: May 23)!

Wish List: We are in need of donations of empty pots for plants for the plant sale.   The medium-larger ones,  about 4-5 inches wide,  are especially useful now that we are dividing plants, but all sizes welcomed, including trays.   Please ask friends and neighbors too!   

Donations can be left at your convenience,  at the church, near or behind the shed on the north side of the church.   If you have a clump of something in your yard,  you can bring it to the church also, and we will divide and pot the divisions… just let us know when, and what it is you are bringing. 

We have compost and soil.     

Also,  we will have one sale table with good used gardening items… tools, gardening/ plant books,  plant tags… fertilizers,  whatever you may have that you wish to donate would be appreciated. 

And finally…we could use help in carrying and  setting up the tables outside on Saturday, May 22 from 7-9 am would be greatly appreciated.   Perhaps some of you more physically spry & capable might help us with the tables,  and do the final moving of plants onto them.   Likewise, we will be doing the reverse around 1pm on Sunday, May 23.   Please contact Jean at  to sign up.   

Your help for this brief time will be greatly appreciated,  and requires no knowledge of plants!