Sanctuary/Asylum Newsletter – September 2022

Sanctuary Coalition of Southern New Hampshire

The last few days have been lovely, not too hot during the day and almost chilly at night, perfect Summer-in-New Hampshire weather. This I my favorite time of year! 

It’s been a busy summer with lots of fun activities including the “We Are One Festival” and the Wenyen Basketball Camp. I also have been at camp, a two-week girl’s camp in Holderness on Squam Lake.  The transition of the new girls, who may have never been away from home, is a tiny view of our asylum seekers arrival.  These girls arrive, already missing their families, often with no other girls they know. They are apprehensive.  “Will I like being at camp?  Will I make friends?  What is the food like?  What if I don’t like it?“ From their first unsettling hours at camp to their becoming fully engaged, that transition is what we Councilors hope for and work for and feel most rewarded by.

This is what we, the Sanctuary/Asylum Committee, you the supporting religious communities, and all our individual donors and supporting friends, work for while our guests seek full asylum status.  Thank you to each and every one of you.