Sanctuary/Asylum Newsletter – October 2022

Sanctuary Coalition of Southern New Hampshire

There’s no doubt that summer is gone, and winter is on its way.  Let’s enjoy the weather we have before it changes!  My husband and I drove up to Portsmouth and Bath Maine visiting family and the leaves are just gorgeous.  I hope you all get to drive away from the city and into the country to see their amazing display.

Our Sanctuary/Asylum Committee is very proud of our member, Paul Introcaso.  On September 18, he received the GSOP’s MICAH award.  Congratulations Paul and thank you for all you do.

Meanwhile, Bienfait sends greetings and says:

I’m doing good, keep working too much and hard. I started my Masters in Community Development with the Carsey School of Public Policy at UNH.  I’ve picked up 2 courses I’m working on every day and I’m doing well.  I appreciate my classmates and really enjoy their contributions during our class’s discussions.  I finished the course of Data Analysis with an A. this give me again more confidence about the rest of the program. I will be trying to take this program in 14 months Min or 18 months Max.”

Chrisma is down in Kentucky helping his brother for a while.  He must be very busy because all he sent to me was, “I’m fine.  I hope you all are also”.  His attorney is checking in every month with him concerning his case but the Immigration Board has no set timeline or even an average processing time. So, we all wait, and wait, and wait.

The GSOP Solidarity Vigils at the Federal building (275 Chestnut St.) in Manchester have started again.  Come join us to show support of our immigrant residents. The next Vigil is Tuesday, November 1 at 9am.  We gather near the front of the building. We begin with with prayer and song, then walk seven times around the building.  Hope to see you there.

Liz Alcauskas, Sanctuary/Asylum Committee, Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester.