Sanctuary/Asylum Newsletter – November

Sanctuary Coalition of Southern New Hampshire November 2022

Gratefulness.  What is it?  Do we ‘have’ it? How do we express it? Can we direct it, to expand it, from our being grateful for something in our life to helping others to use their gratitude in ways to help others?  I’ll be thinking of these questions all month, as November is the month of Thanks Giving. 

Chris has sent the post below.  Although the situation with his brother & wife is not good, I am sure they are very grateful that Chris can be with the children helping them out during this difficult time.  In Chris’s email, where he uses the word “twice” I think he means “two” or maybe “twins”.

“Here’s a photo of me and my nephew and my niece. I spent all my day taking care of them because they did not go to school, only my big nephew and the twice who go to school. Every morning I’m waking up to make breakfast for them, and every 3 pm I took them out for walking around the area, and every 8:30 we watched a cartoon before they go to bed. My brother and his wife are not living with us until he will obtain his surgery.” 

Meanwhile, Ben is doing well, and has found a house here in Manchester.  I have his new address, but due to privacy issues, I am not including it.  If you would like it, please contact me (

Join us on December 6 at 9am at the GSOP Interfaith Vigil and Jericho Walk at the Norris Cotton Federal Building at 275 Chestnut St.  If you want to do more than just walking, reach out to Martin Toe, if you would like to  help design or lead the program.  The vigil will be followed by a meeting of the ISN (Immigration Solidarity Network), at House of Praise, 351 Chestnut street. Please join us for one or both of these events.  RSVP not needed.  Just show up!

Liz Alcauskas, Sanctuary/Asylum Committee, Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester