Sanctuary/Asylum Newsletter – November 2023

Sanctuary Coalition of Southern New Hampshire

First snow here in Manchester. The cycle of life is turning.

Ben is progressing well. He has been offered a new position administering the racial justice fund at the NH Charitable Foundation.   Although it’s not accompanied by a pay raise, and Ben will continue working with autistic children in order to make ends meet, it is a step toward his dream job. Thank you, Nancy Pierpont for forwarding the Want Ad to him.

Chris has now moved to KY to live with his brother and family.  We hope he will continue to update us on his niece and nephew, and how his brother’s business is doing. 

Our committee has a new member, Liz Duck.  She will be taking over Jackie Spenard’s duty as official Thank You Writer to our wonderful sponsors. Liz is a longtime member of the Unitarian Universalist church and its choir.  Welcome aboard!

At our recent  S/A Committee meeting, I reported that the S/A Fund balance is  $1,713.03. The UU Church Line Fund balance is $425. On hand to support our next asylum seeker is $365 in Market Basket grocery cards, and a $50 debit card.

Photos below show the before and after status of the guest room. Thank you again to the volunteers  who helped sort and clean:  Sue Chretien, Jackie Spenard, Happy Beale,

Rev. Kali, Jefferson Chickering, and our church Sexton.

As we prepare for a new Asylum seeker, we will also be updating our list of volunteers.  New guests need volunteer drivers for grocery shopping and new guides to life here in our Manchester community.

Thanksgiving is a time of giving. We appreciate all those who have assist us and who have provided us with financial donations.  I hope you will include us in your plans for giving.

The Sanctuary/Asylum Committee wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Liz Alcauskas