Sanctuary Coalition of Southern New Hampshire

          On April 21, we happily welcomed Bienfait, and his family who finally arrived in Manchester! It is wonderful to see them all together again after so many years and heartache. AND, hot off the press: on May 17, Bienfait will be receiving his UNH Graduate Degree from the Carsey School of Public Policy. Congratulations!

The Sanctuary/Asylum Committee has rewritten the Discernment Criteria Document and has just sent it off to the Board of Directors at the Unitarian Universalist Church for approval. Because the Board is in the middle of preparing the UU budget, preparing for the annual congregational meeting, and lining up people to fill the seats of members on the Board and Committees who are rotating off, it is a busy time for the Board.  It will be next month before they have time to carefully read the new Document and sign off on it.

There is a second document we will begin to review and update, which deals more with seeking sanctuary/asylum from the guest’s point of view and how we prepare our volunteers. Then we can begin recruiting and training volunteers.

Have a happy May.  The flowers and trees are lovely.  I hope you get out to enjoy them. 

Sincerely, Liz Alcauskas, Sanctuary/Asylum Committee