Sanctuary/Asylum Newsletter – February 2023

Sanctuary Coalition of Southern New Hampshire

SPECIAL GOOD NEWS directly from Ben:

 “Hello Liz. Just to let you know  and all the team that my family’s petition was approved,  I lost to much email addresses from when I changed the email address.  So, spread the word to all the Manchester and Nashua team and tell them that me and my family say thanks again. Keep in touch. Waiting for interview and Visa. Thank you”.  This is so wonderful!

Now, back to my recently composed S/A update:  February, the month of love.

For Ben, love came in a reassurance from the organization that has been paying his tuition at Carsey School of Public Policy, UNH that it will continue covering his tuition until the end of his program. This means he can continue taking two courses per semester, and this semester he has signed up for Project Design Management, and Economic Analysis. Wonderful news for a very cold winter day.

For Chris, love came when he returned to Kentucky to care for his brother’s family and his niece screamed with joy and hugged his leg very tightly.  (She’s little!)  I think he also loves that he is down there in KY and not here with windchill temperatures dipping down to -39 here in Manchester.

 I love winter in New Hampshire, but even I am thinking of taking a road trip out of here, maybe down to Kentucky. The lowest temperature, as many of you probably know, was an overnight reading on the top of beautiful Mt. Washington of MINUS 108 degrees.  Makes me think that the early explorers who didn’t survive their adventures in the Arctic and Antarctic should have trained on the top of Mt. Washington.


We continuously need donations. We accept Checks sent to the U.U. Church of Manchester, 669 Union St. Manchester NH 03104. Designate “Asylum Fund” in the memo line. If you have any questions, contact our new church administrator, Amy (603-625-6854) or Liz Alcauskas (703-447-5701). Credit card donations can be made by going to  1. click on “Give” OR 2. Click on “Please Donate today” in the yellow ribbon on top of the page. In either case, the Planned Giving page will appear. 3. Scroll down to Donate and click on the DONATE button. 4. Be sure to find the “write a note” section and designate your donation is for the Asylum Fund. If you have any questions, call Liz at 703-447-5701.  Thank you for your anticipated donation. We are a 501(C)3 organization, so your donations are tax-deductible.

Liz Alcauskas