Sanctuary/Asylum Newsletter December 2023

Sanctuary Coalition of Southern New Hampshire
Lightness and Darkness

Why do we generally not like darkness? I have recently finished reading a book about owls, “What an Owl Knows”, by Jennifer Ackerman. For many of us, darkness is malevolent; for owls it is a way of life. They live and love, hoot and screech in the dark. They can fly in complete darkness landing on their intended prey (rodents of all kinds).
As the dark nights get longer and longer, we look with hope and joy to the lifting of darkness and the dawn of longer days of lightness. We must not, however, forget the nights. They are magical, mysterious, and star filled. There is beauty in the dark nights if we choose to look.

We on the Sanctuary/Asylum Committee with support from the Board of our church have voted to invite an asylum seeker into our Program. He will be moving in on Thursday the 7th. He is a Syrian refugee who has applied for asylum. Through his TPS designation, he has work papers. He can begin looking for work as soon as he is settled. He has recently been living in his car and is looking forward to a stable housing situation so he can concentrate on his goal of finding work.
Here are some of the ways you can continue to support our Sanctuary/Asylum network:
We accept Market Basket gift cards and checks to help support our guest as his case slowly works through the courts. Gift cards must be bought in-store, but then can be mailed to UU Manchester c/o Asylum Committee at UU Manchester, 669 Union St. Manchester NH 03104. Alternately, the cards can be dropped off at church during our new church administrator’s hours, M-F, 8am-12 noon. Her name is Amy. You should call her first to be sure she is in office: 603-625-6854. Checks can be sent to the above address. Designate Asylum in the memo line and if your donation is for general support, specific support for legal fees, or specifically for food. We are a 501(C)3 organization, so your donations are tax-deductible. If you have any questions, contact our church administrator, Amy (603-625-6854) or Liz Alcauskas (703-447-5701). Credit card donations can be made by going to 1. click on “Give” OR 2. Click on “Please Donate today” in the yellow ribbon on top of the page. In either case, the Planned Giving page will appear. 3. Scroll down to Donate and click on the DONATE button. 4. Be sure to find the “write a note” section and designate your donation is for the Asylum Fund. If you have any questions, call Liz at 703-447-5701. Thank you for your anticipated donation.

We wish you all peace and joy in this special season of many religious holy days. Blessed be.