Sanctuary/Asylum Newsletter -April 2024

Sanctuary Coalition of Southern New Hampshire

I think Spring is really here.  At a recent meeting of The Immigrant Solidarity Network (ISN) we mentioned what it is about Spring that we love.  Here are a few answers: warmer weather, spring colors, smells of the soil and the flowers, holidays and family gatherings, return of the phoebes and the spring peepers, no more white, being outside more, swimming, and lilacs.

At that same meeting, we talked about the $850 thousand being used to send 15 N.H. National Guard down to the southern border for 90 days, when we need help in our northern border communities with basic necessities, such as livable housing options, counseling for drug and alcohol addicted teens, youth and elders, and extension of broadband. We talked about the friction between federal authority and state/local authority over immigration enforcement. If local police are mandated to enforce federal ICE regulations, why would our local immigrant communities feel safe working with their local police officers to improve safety and trust where they live?  Who should have priority?  Federal ICE officers or State and Community officers?

As you know, ‘Frank’ has moved out of our Asylum Program and left the church.  Our committee is still working on the details of revising our procedure for accepting applicants and for making their transition to living at UU-M as smooth as possible.

We are still hoping Bienfait can get a break from his work and his studies so that we can properly welcome his family to Manchester!

Chrisma is waiting to hear from his attorney if the fee of $600 to open another appeal can be waved, as she is requesting. He is still living with his brother down in Kentucky.

Our S/A Committee has two new members, Sheila Grace and Jeanne Vacco.

Liz Duck joined us several months ago. Our long-term members include Paul Introcaso, Happy Beale, Suzanne Chretien, Rev. Kali Fyre, and myself.  All of us thank you for your support in the important work we are doing on your behalf.


Liz Alcauskas, Secretary of the S/A Committee