Pluralism Service & Potluck – March 17th

Harmony in Diversity: The Symphony of Pluralism

We’re excited to invite you to a unique and meaningful event happening this Sunday, March 17th.

As part of our ongoing commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering a sense of community, we’re hosting a Potluck and Pluralism Service. 

This service will be a wonderful opportunity for us to come together, share a meal, and explore the rich tapestry of traditions that make up our congregation.

The service will be led by our Service Leader, Jefferson Chickering, and will feature musical accompaniment from talented individuals including our Choir, with Choir Director Luc Roberge, and accompanists Gary Finger, Elliott Markow, and Deb Markow.

Instead of the usual format, where we eat after the service, we’ll be enjoying our meal while the service is ongoing.  

The current plan is to set-up the Potluck arrangement briefly before the Service, and after we’re off to the Service, we’ll take a break part way through and serve ourselves our shared dishes.

This unique approach will allow us to connect with one another in a more relaxed and communal setting.

We encourage everyone to bring a dish and drinks to share that celebrate pluralism, and to come with an open heart and mind as we celebrate the diversity that makes our congregation so special.

There will be plenty of coffee ready and available 🙂.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Jefferson Chickering