Plant Sale on Saturday, May 14, 2022

We’ve scheduled the 2nd annual Plant Sale and now that it’s Daylight Savings time, and Spring appears to be warming up the days,  we are looking forward to everyone thinking about ways they can support this event.   Last year it not only provided amazing financial resources for UU Manchester, the socializing of our members in working towards a common goal was heartwarming.   The layout will be similar to last year, with some tweaking based on what we learned from last year.     Sunday, May 15 will evolve to happen following church service and Town Hall discussion.   We’re calling it, “Remainder Plants for Members/ BYO Coffee / Outdoor Social Hour”

 Here’s how you can become involved – your involvement is needed and appreciated – and all efforts do make a difference!

  1.  Donate a houseplant which may have become too large,  or take cuttings and start new plants… NOW.  Ask how to do that if you are unsure.  Until the danger of frost is over, keep these in your home.

  2.  When you start some seeds for your flower or veggie gardens,  sow some extras… seedlings of annuals were very popular last year, and sold well.  Likewise,  protect these until there is no frost danger.

  3.  Look around your yard in the next few months and see if something needs dividing.  We had a lot of variety and welcome most plants,  although there will be a limit this year, of regular orange daylilies, irises, and hostas.   We’ll still take those,  but not so many of the same type,  so check first before digging yours up.  We found the more interesting, less common things sold the best.  

  4.  This year we will try to have more native NH plants and shrubs and small trees,  wildflowers,  and more herbs – very popular.

  5.  We can always re-use pots,  a good size is 3-8 inch pots.  Aluminum pie plates are great for groundcovers.    Search your sheds and basements, and ask neighbors and friends if they have any to donate.   We love that these can, and are being recycled, and prefer reusing rather than buying new ones.

  6.  Gardening “stuff” everything from decorative pots, vases,  books, and tools – we’ll have a table for non-plant items.

  7.  Volunteer to do some potting and watering in the weeks before the sale date… let us know when you are available.  Specifically, we also do need people to help out on Friday May 13 for staging the plants,  and Saturday morning moving tables from 7-8 am, and all day in shifts, for the sale itself (begins 9am, ends 3pm)

  8.  When you visit stores, garden centers, farm markets, etc,  tell them about our plant sale,  ask if they will help promote it ,  and perhaps have something they could donate, even something like “no name” plants that lost their tags,  or surplus plants, or plants past their blooming prime,  which need some TLC.    Donations gratefully accepted, and will be acknowledged at the sale.  

  9.  Help us with promotion and signage.    Thanks so much to Liz and Jim A,  and Sylvia for working on the signs which now encircle the church.  Our survey of people attending last year indicated that was the #1 source of customers!   Second was church newsletters  and word of mouth.      If you know of a free community calendar or bulletin board, the basics of what, where, and when could be added to it by anyone… just do it.  

 10. Join us on Mondays at 8pm for Zoom meetings, “Let’s Talk Plants”,  where we “show and tell” and talk about the Plant Sale – what worked well, and not-so-well, last year.  

For more info and to volunteer,  please contact Jean Stefanik,  Plant Sale Chairperson    Please especially let us know if you can be there to help set up plants on Friday afternoon,  setup sometables early Saturday morning, or for some of the time the sale is open (9-3) on Saturday.   We’ll also  need a few vehicles to move some  remainder plants being donated to the Manchester Animal Shelter for their June plant sale.

Thank your so much!