Plant Sale a Huge Success!  

Many thanks to all who pitched in and joined in efforts to make this year’s Plant Sale a huge success in so many ways.   

Linda’s banner out front was fabulous, and Liz A. And Parker’s lawn signs helped bring in many neighbors and local people who saw them as they drove by.   In our informal survey, this was the #1 way people heard about the Sale.

Thanks to Amy for setting up the contact email and fielding inquiries.   Noel, Judy and Dave C., Carol B, Liz A, Christina, Sylvia.  and even some anonymous neighbors and friends dropped off plants and pots.

Thanks also to Nate M. for providing veggie annuals as part of Pine Grove Cemetery and Manchester Grows. Check out their weekly farmer’s market Thursdays on Lincoln St., new this year. Dave and Judy transported donated plants using their truck.

Kim and Jen from the Animal Shelter and Tailgate Rescue helped with plants, both potting and taking away leftovers for their sale on June 3 Rd at the Burger King on the Manchester/Hooksett line.

Lis D. And Scott mowed the lawn, and Sylvia did yeoman’s work dividing plants and doing the long-overdue sorting and clean out of the area near the shed

Jefferson showed up to help with setup, hanging the banner, and moving tables and chairs – others helped Sunday after Social hour t9.  Sylvia, Noel, Amy and Christina helped at the sale by answering people’s questions.

Paul B collected money and handled the credit card sales.   Monetarily we took in a little over $1800 this year (a few minor expenses like credit card fees still need to be factored in) Year 1 was just over $2000 and Year 2 brought in $1200, by the way.)

So yes, by so many measures this community event was a great success, busy people all contributing their time, talents, and expertise.   Many hands made light work for me as Chairperson.  Thank you, Well done!

By Jean S.