Minister’s Message – March

Trust is a fundamental element of life.

Trust is the basis for faith, and it is similar to faith. As the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy notes, “Uses of ‘faith’ and ‘faithfulness’ closely parallel ‘trust’ and ‘trustworthiness’ and these are often used interchangeably.” Similarly, it is a … read more.

Support Fair Trade -Coffee, Chocolate, and Tea

The UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) will celebrate Justice Sunday this year on March 25th, 2023. The focus this year will be: Faithful Solidarity with Asylum-Seekers.

Support UUSC and fair-trade farmers from March 1st through May 1st by using code UUSC23 when you order from Equal Exchange online … read more.

Greening our Homes

NHSaves is offering a free Home Energy Workshop to update us on ways to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and apartments.  Not all of us can put solar panels on our houses or our apartments, but we can strive to cut down on … read more.