Murder Mystery Church Fundraiser Event

Mark your calendar for a Murder Mystery Church Fundraiser Event at UU Manchester to be held on Saturday evening, November 2, 2024 (Start time TBD)!! We Are Looking for Thespians for this Event!

UU Manchester last did a murder mystery event fundraiser in Autumn 2016, and it was extremely fun and filled with excitement.  So, we will be doing it again this fall.  This year’s theme will be a fundraiser (fake money) for a vineyard owner whose property was destroyed by fire (ooooh…. very suspicious) and it will be put on by the various vineyard competitors.  Everyone attending will be given a role to play and you will be asked to be as social as your role requires. While you are hobnobbing with the other guests, someone will be murdered and you will be asked to figure out who did it (and why….). Prizes will be awarded to those who solve the crime, as well as to those who acquire the most money (fake money – and bribery is allowed), and the best dressed for their part.

We are also specifically looking for 15 people who will play the major character roles in this event (those whose job it is to advance the plot).  We are looking for a good mix of ages as some characters will be playing the parent or adult child of another character.  This event is not scripted, but you will be asked to complete certain objectives throughout the evening.  You may also wind up being either the murderer or the victim!  No major acting experience is required but you will need to attend 1 or 2 light rehearsals with the other major characters before the day of the event.

As we did in 2016, the event will include food (appetizers and desserts) and beverages.  This will be an adult-only event. Ticket Prices (real money) TBD.

To that end we are also looking for folks to help out with food, drink, decorations/set up and cleanup and logistics.

For questions, please contact Bruce Hoskins (603-548-8857; or Pam Hoskins (603-498-5733;