Movie Night – February 24

7 pm, Fellowship Hall

“Broadway Melody of 1940” is a 1940 MGM film musical starring Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell and George Murphy (Astaire’s first male dancing partner on film). It was directed by Norman Taurog and features music by Cole Porter, including “Begin the Beguine”.

The film was the fourth and final entry in MGM’s “Broadway Melody” series of films, and is notable for being the only on-screen pairing of Astaire and Powell, who were considered the finest film musical dancers of their time.

Johnny Brett and King Shaw are a dance team so down on their luck that they work in a dance hall for no money. Meanwhile, Clare Bennett is a big Broadway star. Owing to a case of mistaken identity, Shaw is offered the chance to be Clare’s dancing partner in a new Broadway show, when Johnny’s dancing was really what producer Bob Casey saw and wanted. The partnership breaks up, but Johnny still helps out King, who lets his newfound success go to his head. Clare eventually realizes that Johnny, not King, is the better dancer, and she falls in love after having lunch with him. When Shaw gets drunk on opening night, Johnny steps in and saves the show with a brilliant performance, though he lets King think he did it himself. Clare later tells King the truth. Just before the next show, Clare discovers King drunk again, and Johnny becomes the permanent replacement.