Minister’s Message September – Rev. Kali

Summer blessings, friends!

How are you all?

It has been a busy summer for me: I have been a guest in the pulpit for a UCC congregation twice in July, I officiated a bi-national wedding (one partner is German, the other American) for a lovely couple of brides on the beach of Contoocook Lake in Rindge NH, and I have visited with my parents and my children several times.

I have also been busy with my volunteer work as a CASA guardian ad litem, and working on the service for my brother’s wedding that’s coming up in October.

On Sunday, September 4, we renew our collective connection as we return to our standard worship time with our traditional Water Ceremony – a renewal to Community.

If you are newer to the UU Manchester community, during the Water Ceremony (sometimes called Water Communion) everyone is invited to bring a small sample of water which represents something of value – and we then add our water to a common vessel – symbolizing reconnection to each other, to our community.

It’s fitting to have our Water Ceremony at this time of year, as water offers us renewal in its aspects of cleanser and connection to life. Yet, we often take our own water resources for granted. It’s a convenience that we don’t have cause to think about, until we don’t have it, or when we have too much of it.

How have you experienced renewal, even in a small way, in your life in the past months? Whether your summer adventures have been swimming in the local pool, traveling to other places, visiting family, or trying to keep pace with the weeds in the garden; we will all bring hopes and anticipations with us on Sunday. Think of a word or short phrase to describe this renewal or awakening – if you’d like, you might share your word or phrase while pouring your water.

We will have extra water at the church if you inadvertently leave your water at home (I have done this many times – you aren’t alone!). If you will be joining us virtually, there will be a symbolic water offering to include you as well, because you are a part of our community!

I also encourage you to consider your own thoughts of renewal or awakening from the past months.

I look forward to joining you in Worship – whether in person or virtually – on Sunday.

Yours in faith,

Rev. Kali