Minister’s Message – March

Trust is a fundamental element of life.

Trust is the basis for faith, and it is similar to faith. As the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy notes, “Uses of ‘faith’ and ‘faithfulness’ closely parallel ‘trust’ and ‘trustworthiness’ and these are often used interchangeably.” Similarly, it is a foundation of promise.

We seldom give trust easily because it involves risk since it can be easily broken. Restoring broken trust can involve healing and forgiveness and can sometimes be difficult depending on someone’s willingness to trust again, because forgiving does not mean forgetting.

However difficult trusting can be, perpetual distrust eventually leaves us devoid of hope. We are wise to take the risk that trust requires in order to surround ourselves with promise, hope, and possibility.

When we experience significant changes, when there is uncertainty and we struggle for the clarity to move forward, our trust can waver.
And the past year has certainly been challenging to the foundation of trust.

We can strengthen that foundation by weaving together our vision, our witnessing of each other, our vulnerability, our honesty, and our belief in this community of beloved companions.

This is not a small journey that you have been on, and yet, one that seems like you are also just beginning. It’s like a Trust Walk, journeying in a specific direction, but still unsure of the final destination.

Continue to support each other, your friendships and faith in each other will strengthen your energy and hope for the work ahead.

In faith,

Rev. Kali