Minister’s Message – March

Dear Members and Friends of UU Manchester,

We have arrived in March and the promise of Spring…

In February, we had a sermon about resiliency and Leap Day – and the potential for using the extra 24 hours each of us has in 2024 toward strengthening our own resilience, or helping others to build toward theirs.

This idea still has me thinking about the hope and potential we can feel in the signs of Spring…

Green shoots spring forth from the hibernating roots of last year’s perennials

Buds begin to form on the trees

Even in cold winter air, the rays of the spring sun can warm us or a room they shine into

I see signs of hope and potential in our church community as well.
We have grown our membership size.

I think time has a tendency to bend on us so, remember: since this time last year, we have had two New Member welcome celebrations. This growth is noticeable in the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings, but also in the energy and sense of community at coffee hour and potlucks.

We are sharing our community and our faith with the outside world.

Most likely, the people we hang out with would enjoy what we do and believe here, even if they don’t necessarily become members. Our reach into the community grows when more people know who we are and what we do, and there are very often many new and recently familiar faces among us.
We have done an amazing job minimizing this year’s budget gap.
Our treasurer, June Larkins shared this news with us recently, with the help of members of the board and finance committees, and the hard work of our collector, Chris Monroe. I’m excited for and proud of us. 

I know there are already discussions and planning meetings for upcoming events and opportunities for us to be together as a community, to learn more about each other, and to continue this growth we are beginning to foster.
I look forward to seeing you become more deeply rooted in the spiritual home, and to growing our church alongside each of you!

And remember, as a shared community, we welcome suggestions and resources from everyone. If you have an idea to share, reach out to me, or to a Board member, or to anyone on the Committee on Shared Ministry.

We love to hear from you!
In faith,
Rev. Kali