Minister’s Message for April

How are things with your souls, my friends?

Last month in my Minister’s Message I welcomed us all into March and “the promise of Spring…” and I was expecting this month to be about sunshine and blossoms…

As I write on Friday morning after the most recent snowstorm, it feels as if we’ve made a bad bounce on a trampoline and landed two months backward into winter. I know many of you have lost power, more than once in the past two weeks, and some may still be without power.

So, I ask again…how are your souls?

Frustrated? Annoyed? Worn down? 

I know I am feeling a bit tired, despite sleeping well the past couple of weeks, and just a slight bit “not myself”…but not enough to be able to put a name to it.

As we move into April, our worship theme for the month shifts to exploring our UU Value of Interdependence, which is connected to our seventh principle “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”
We understand this principle to be our connection and responsibility to the Earth and Environment, as that is the Web that connects us. I like to focus on the connections of that web, that we are a part of all existence – we all are a part of something greater than just ourselves.

Recently in a worship service we envisioned the web extending out into the world, connecting each of us, imagining each point of connection, each person, as a shimmering and sparkling light, and by vibrating a strand on the web, we send ripples through the surrounding surface. When we think about the web as a strong net, we can understand the inherent resiliency of those connections. When one part falters, sags, tangles…the rest of the web tightens up to provide support where it is needed.

I invite each of us to lean into that web that connects and holds each of us. Lean on each other for support – either tangible support through sharing wifi, showers, or other means of getting through power outages; or in other less tangible ways like sharing coffee and conversation, meet up and take a walk, catch a movie, or even just a text or phone call of support.

For many of us, a late winter power outage is little more than an annoyance, and we are well equipped to manage through it ourselves…but simply because we can manage by ourselves, does not mean we have to, nor that we should. You might even make someone else’s day by accepting their connection.

As ever, I am also available for connection, for coffee, or for deeper support.

In faith,
Rev. Kali