Minister’s Message – February

Dear Members and Friends of UU Manchester,

Happy February!!

Deep in the ground, the quickening of the Earth has begun…gradually bringing warmth and nourishment to the surface. The days have grown longer since the winter solstice, although the season of winter has only recently arrived.

In paradox, we see early signs of the season’s icy grip loosening – the light of days lasts longer, birds and animals are more active, there is a sense of quickening in the air hinting at freshness and renewal.

In the midst of extreme environmental events, human conflict and genocide, and political polarization that we are witnessing globally as well as here in our own country, a sense of renewal and freshness may feel foreign or even illusory.
As we talked about in worship in early January, it is our act of Justice to lean into and claim our moments of joy, beauty, and freedom. Our pleasure cannot, in the moment, compound the struggle of those who fight for safety and freedom; in fact, our embrace of pleasure communicates to ourselves and the world that freedom and safety are worth fighting for, and will not be wasted.
Suffering and sadness close in and multiply rapidly. It is harder to hold onto pleasure. Leaning into our own happiness gives us the respite and renewal we need to be the activists and advocates for the justice and freedom of others.

So, today….take a moment to be still, breathe with the world. Feel the kiss of warmth of the Earth’s stirring life and …Enjoy It. Now begin to shift your inner reflection outward…how shall you plan to manifest your deepest dreams and callings into actions and reality over this next year?

What in you is beginning to stir? What actions are reawakening in your life?

In faith,
Rev. Kali