Minister’s Message – April

Greetings friends!
Happy April! Spring has sprung! Well, for the moment at least.
Those of us who have spent more than a couple of years living in New England know all too
well the fickle changes in our weather are more profound during early spring. Many of us are
eagerly planning summer gardens, updates to yard landscaping, or even hopefully waiting for the
day we can leave our coats home.
The seasonal transition from winter to spring can be a powerful seasonal change. We appreciate
the beauty of it, how could we not?
We wonder at it.
We point at it.
We share it.
We get absorbed in it.
But how often do we listen to it? Ask ourselves, “What is it trying to get me to hear?” rather than, “Do I like it or not?”
What if beauty is here to make us wise? What if beauty is the way the sacred speaks?
It steps out in front of us and points to a precious world and whispers…“come build a new relationship with me!”
When I am able to focus on my connection to earth and am aware of how this living planet has evolved and changed over the years, I am more grounded and able to feel that I am a part of something greater.
As Spring grows warmer, begins to bloom, and deepens into layers of green and other vibrant colors…pause and listen.
What is beauty saying to you?
In faith,
Rev. Kali