It’s Easy Being Green — If We All Chip In!

On Earth Sunday, April 23, we held a Town Hall to discuss whether this church wanted to pursue Green Sanctuary Accreditation from the UU Association. 

This endeavor involves the entire church with the three goals of greening our church building, our congregation, and our community over the next several years.  This is a pretty tall order and will involve everyone doing their part.  Each committee, including Worship and Music, RE, Social Responsibility, social groups, book groups, and church leadership, YOU —everyone needs to contribute to the effort.  Committees need to identify a goal/project for their group to advance one of our three goals (see above).   Together we can make this happen! But it means all hands on deck.

In a straw poll, an overwhelming number of the people who attended the Town Hall voted to support this effort. If you missed the Town Hall, you will have another chance to be heard. The formal vote will occur at the Annual Meeting in June.  Be sure to attend and express your opinion.

Environment Subcommittee