Informational Meeting on the Budget Sunday, November 5th, 2023

Informational Meeting on the Budget
Sunday, November 5th, 2023, after Fellowship
To be held in the Sanctuary

The Executive Board and the Finance Committee are calling a Congregational Meeting to discuss the budget on November 19th. Updated expense figures indicate that the budget passed at our Annual Meeting is not sufficient to cover our operating costs through the year. This recalculation requires that a new budget for the year be approved.

We value your input in this process and urge members to attend this Informational Meeting. The Board and Finance Committee are proposing and considering actions to help address the deficit. These include but are not limited to: increasing fundraising goals, engaging the congregation in a second pledge ask, and increasing building rental revenue.

You have received an email with a copy of the existing budget alongside a proposed budget. These figures will be explained in greater detail at the Informational Meeting.

We hope you are able to attend.

Dave Dutilley – UU Manchester Executive Board President
June Larkins – UU Manchester Treasurer