Increasing Food Insecurity

We as a congregation have been making donations of non-perishable food and basic hygiene products for many years. For that, we should be proud!  To cut out the middle man and reduce mileage to the statewide Food Bank, these items are delivered to the local food bank on 176 Lake Ave., They serve Manchester residents who are screened for eligibility. In an effort to meet the increasing need, clients can only access the pantry once per month.  They use a small grocery wagon to select only what they will eat, and “check out,’ packing food under staff supervision before leaving.

Many seniors and families were lifted out of poverty during the pandemic by the temporary benefit increase of SNAP (Special Nutrition Assistance Program) and WIC (Women, Infant & (preschool) Children).  Termination of this emergency assistance in March 2023 triggered $132 monthly decrease for a 1-person household, a $197 monthly decrease for a 3-person household.     (Center on Budget & Policy Priorities)

The need for donations is even greater.

Despite a healthy labor market, work options have changed for many low-middle income parents, due to the current shortage of day care availability.   Some clients are unable to meet all their bills, despite working full time to support themselves &/ or others in household; some work in part time, low paying job(s); some in day labor situations; some have physical challenges.  

As I’m sure you’ve heard, more and more people are food insecure.  So please, do what you can to assist those in greater need.  THANK YOU for your generosity.  Social Responsibility Committee