…from UUCM Nominating Committee


                As we look toward the next church year and plan our future including a full-time minister, we have several opportunities for leadership positions.  If you are a person willing or eager to share your skills and talents in this way, we’d love to talk to you.  Serving on or chairing a committee or being a Board member can be a richly rewarding experience personally as well as helpful to our church as we rebuild its meaningful role in our lives and in the life of the larger community.  

                Board trustees usually serve a 3-year term such that their tenure is staggered; our opening for Vice President perhaps should go to someone with some experience and willingness to move on to the President’s role; committee chairs serve varying lengths of time and share their responsibility with committee members.

                We’ll be clarifying the specific positions to be filled very soon and look forward to IDEAS, INPUT, and INVOLVEMENT from all of you,

Judy Corbit                                                                                           Sharon Oikelmus

603 497-3963                                                                                      603 472-4462

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