First Sunday – Coffee with the Minister!!

On the first Sunday of every month join in an informal chat with Rev. Kali during the last half of our Fellowship Time!

At approximately 11:20 or so (we’re being informal, remember), we’ll meet in the first classroom down the hall from Fellowship Hall.
Bring your coffee and pull up a section of a sofa!

This is your opportunity to explore a sermon topic more deeply, or to ask something about our church history, ask how/why Rev. Kali became a minister, or even share some ideas you have for a worship topic or a church activity.
This is an open forum – but remember, it’s also semi-public.
If you have something more personal you would like to share with Rev. Kali, you could also use this Sunday time to schedule a more private pastoral care visit for a later date.

Upcoming first Sundays are: Mar. 3, Apr. 7, May 5, June 2