Fall 2022 Hospitality -Sign-Up

The Fellowship Committee would like to get our Fall 2022 Hospitality Sign-Up Spots all filled up soon.

As in year’s past, we request that all Members, at least, take one turn doing hospitality in the Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring.

Hosting Hospitality on Sundays is all very, very easy stuff!  The simple steps are ensuring a Quick Physical Set-up, Making the Coffee, Providing Snacks and doing a Quick Clean-Up. 

Please just click on the Link below, pick a date, put in your first name and last initial and hit the “Enter” button on your computer.  It’s a “Breeze.”

UUM Hospitality Sign-Up

Please recall, that this Link is available on the Main Page of UUManchester’s Web-Site (UUManchester.Org) via a button on the bottom of the page labeled “Hospitality.”

Many Hands Make Light Work!

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