Environmental Tips:

We are BETTER when we take action TOGETHER!!

One Powerful way to make NH communities Environmentally friendly is to get NH Legislature to pass Climate Action 

bills.  The House committee: Science, Technology, and Energy presented 2 bills (HB208, HB372), but without success.

(I presented testimony for HB372, and emailed my representatives. You’ll see I kept it simple. See below) 

 Let’s ALL know who our representatives are and speak up! Tell them not to give up. We need more Climate Action bills. 

Get the word OUT!

If you don’t know who your Representatives are, come to the Social Responsibility Earth Day “town hall” at church on April 23, after coffee, at 11:30.

**Bring your Laptop/Tablet/Phone or notebook and we’ll show you who they are and a lot more. 

                –The Social Responsibility Committee

My (Jacqueline Spenard) Testimony for

 Bill HB 372: establishing a commission to study the short and long-term impacts of pending national and regional carbon pricing


Choose the committee name and bill number from the pull-down menu.  You will see my name & text and John Gage, who included a lot of Information in his PDF.