Environmental Tips:  What’s happening and what you can do – January

There is way too much plastic being produced. Only about 10% is being recycled.  Also a lot of it ends up in the ocean, for example:  litter on beaches or combined sewer overflow (CSO). It can break down from exposure and turn into MICROPLASTIC. We need to especially reduce SINGLE-USE plastic. The petroleum companies are planning to build many big Ethylene Cracker Plants, with a process using Ethylene to make single-use plastic. We need to slow the demand.   This micro plastic is getting in our food!  

What to do:

1.Don’t give up,

2.Educate yourself,

3.cut down on your use of plastic, and

4.make time to write to your NH representatives. We need to use our power and collaborate with those in government or speak out where you can.  (Granite State Organization Project (GSOP) is working on this.)

Here is an idea of what to keep in the trunk of your car:

*when you eat out:  one insulated bag with non-plastic straws, (or say “no straws”) and 2 reusable containers for food leftovers, a cup for water dispensers.

*when you shop at the grocery store: two big insulated wipeable grocery bags, mesh bags for buying loose vegetables, and a container for lunch meat.

*when you shop at other stores, have a fabric bag instead of taking their plastic bag. This new habit might take time before you remember.

__ The Social Responsibility Committee

Read websites on line like:  Beyond Plastics,  https://www.beyondplastics.org/events

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