Doolittle Award

During the recently held Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester’s Annual Meeting, The Doolittle Award for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year was awarded to Chris and Craig Monroe.  The Doolittle award was established in 1996 in honor of Albert and Edith Doolittle, to recognize individuals of the Congregation for outstanding service to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester. The Doolittle award is given on occasion to individuals who have made an extraordinary and significant contribution of their time and energy to UUCM over a sustained period of time.

The Monroes have been Members of UU Manchester for over fifty years.  During this time, Chris and Craig have helped with catered dinners, helped to “re-do” the sanctuary, helped run goods auctions and helped with painting of the parsonage. 

The Monroes have both worked on many canvases and helped with the corresponding annual dinners.  Chris started (along with some other key helpers) organizing the service auctions from 1997-2015.  Chris also helped get the church library set up.  The Monroes ran the holiday Faire in 1998 and worked to some extent on every once since the start, running a table, working in the kitchen, helping to create the quilts that we auctioned many times.

Both Chris and Craig have served on the Executive Board at various times. Craig was involved with RE for many years. Craig served on the RE committee, taught Junior High OWL, Coming of Age, and served as an advisor to the High School Youth Group.

Chris co-chaired the Social Activities Committee for many years, helping to arrange dinners, outings and movie nights.  The Monroes, as part of their Chalice Circle, helped conduct a murder mystery party and a Dickens dinner.

The Monroes organized hospitality for Sunday mornings for a few years, where Chris was the chair of the Fellowship Committee. Chris also organized Circle Dinners for several years.  The Monroes have also served on Ministerial Search Committees.

Craig is also currently coordinating the Non-Fiction Reading Group (NFRG) and Chris is doing the same for the Last Tuesday of the Month Book Group.

During the 2022-2023 year, Chris Monroe became UUM’s Church Collector, while Craig Monroe took over the duties of issuing our weekly Flame and Chalice Newsletter and has been largely responsible for most of the Communications Committee’s activities.

The role of the Church Collector is one of the vital functions of UUM and our Communications via the Flame and Chalice Newsletter, issued weekly, gives all Members and Friends an Update of Church Activities and upcoming events.

On behalf of our UUM Church Community, thank you, Chris and Craig for your commitment to the vision and goals of UU Manchester!

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  1. My goodness it’s about time! They have been UUCM’s salt for many year! They have held us together through good times and challenging times.

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