Dinner Invitation – Saturday, September 24th

Let’s celebrate a new beginning in the life of our church with a sit-down dinner, in the freshly restored Fellowship Hall Saturday, September 24th starting at 5 PM. 

This occasion will feature the welcoming of our old friend, Rev. Kali Fyre, who has graciously accepted our invitation to be our Consulting Transitional Minister this year. 

The dinner will be prepared and presented by UUM’s Board of Directors and the Fellowship Committee, headed up by their very able Chair, Jefferson Chickering, enhanced by a host of elves who have volunteered to assist him. 

This will also put our brand-new kitchen into full operation now that we have given it test runs doing weekday suppers. 

We hope to see you all there. 

RSVP   Web Anderson     603 232-5915     or       weba@gsinet.net 

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