Did You Know….

UU Manchester has a Benevolence Fund to help support our members.
This is a limited fund, so it is inherently designed to assist in unexpected or sudden emergent situations.
The Fund is also confidential. As such, all that’s needed is a conversation with the minister.
The confidentiality means that only Rev. Kali distributes the funds, and only distributes directly to the recipient. Sometimes that can seem challenging and embarrassing, but it is important so that we can make sure to connect people to other areas of support or pastoral care that may also be available.
If someone in the church asks you to apply to the fund to help them, or if you know someone in need, please encourage them to speak directly with Rev. Kali.
You can certainly accompany them for moral support if they need it and if they say it’s okay – but they do need to speak directly with Rev. Kali so our members in the midst of difficulty can be held in care.