Congregational Meeting on Ministry 

March 12th at 11:45am

In person and via Zoom

All are welcome to attend; however only members may participate in voting.

The Board is excited to announce a congregational meeting to discuss the ministry. This is the 2nd session of our 2023 Town Hall series. Following in the footsteps of our January Town Hall hosted by Sarah Elizabeth Anderson, we hope to practice clear communication and listening during our meeting.

All members are encouraged to attend and share. This is a time to be heard and considered. The meeting will include a presentation from the board, small group discussion, large group discussion, and a vote on our ministry. 

The board has made the following recommendation via a vote at the January 17th Board Meeting: 

We recommend that the congregation asks Rev. Kali Fyre to serve as our full-time contract minister. 

This strong recommendation from the board comes due to the quality of Rev. Kali’s work while serving as our Contract Transitional Minister these past 7 months. During that time Kali has served as a ⅓ time minister. Her abilities from the pulpit, in assisting church leadership, and as a presence in our congregation have made an immense impact on our church. It is our hope that given the support of a full-time ministry, she can continue and expand upon this success. 

The board seeks input on what our ministry could or should look like. There are shared needs that we may not be expressing or supporting through our ministry. It is up to us as a whole congregation to build the faith community we want, and we need your help. 

Please know that the recommendation of the board is just that, a recommendation. We remain open to the ideas and dreams of each member and to the will of the congregation. 

Please direct any questions to:

In Faith, 

The UU Manchester Board