Close the Budget Gap – Supplemental Pledge Drive

 With the holiday season winding down, it is time to begin our “Close the Budget Gap” supplementary drive to increase pledges for the current fiscal year. Please consider the value of all the great things happening at UUManchester: a wonderful minister, our outstanding music program, new members and children, and a warm community of fellowship!

And then, please increase your pledge as generously as you are able! An increase of 20 to 25% would be most helpful but any increase will be greatly appreciated. Costs for our staff, building, and programs are continuously rising and combined with a decrease in other income sources over the last few years, we find ourselves faced with a significant deficit. Please do whatever you can to help us balance the budget.

New yellow pledge cards and return envelopes will be distributed to all of our members and friends who have made a pledge for 2023-2024. Please complete and return your card by January 21st to our collector Chris Monroe in person, by mail, or by dropping it into the safe outside the office.

Many thanks for being part of our church family and supporting all that we do together.

In gratitude,

The members of the Finance Committee and the Executive Board of Directors

Fundraising Brainstorming Session

Do you have fundraising ideas bouncing around your brain? Know of fundraisers that other organizations have used effectively? Let’s put our creativity and experience together to generate new fundraising possibilities for UUManchester. The session, led by June Larkins and Linda Pierson, will sift through ideas with the goal of identifying several top prospects. Please join us on Sunday, January 28th, beginning at 11:30 AM in the lounge.