Church Grounds Report – Summer

The summer has been hotter than usual, amount of rain is not keeping up with what is needed and a few dedicated folks have been carrying the load of keeping the grounds looking good. My thanks to Lis Dolan for mowing the lawn, to Scott Lesmerises for edging, weeding and watering and Liz Alcauskas for planting and caring for the triangle bed in front.

With that said, I am not keeping up with all that needs doing. This fall I will ask for help in dismantling the raised beds. They are little used and not cared for. Plants left over from the sale in the spring are slowly being disposed of with the exception of a few.

We are always looking for others who might have some time and interest is working on the grounds. If so, please contact me at:

Sylvia Anderson, Grounds Chair

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  1. I am really not a gardener, and I believe I asked Noel to take over the triangle bed at the front of the church. He has a lovely garden at his house and knows plants and how they fit together in each season and with every color.

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