Chickering Brings $64,000 to UU Manchester 

As we approach the end of FY22, I wanted to be sure that we recognize the outstanding effort of Jefferson Chickering. When the Covid-19 Pandemic arrived in early 2020, the federal government announced several economic initiatives to protect for-profit and non-profit enterprises: two of which were the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Employee Retention (Tax) Credit (“ERTC”). Recognizing the benefit of these programs to UU Manchester, Jefferson invested considerable time and effort in researching their benefits and determining our eligibility. With significant personal time and effort, he applied for the programs, monitored the administrative process, and ultimately justified the award of $64,000 to our church. This effort required “painstaking” research, analysis, and data collection. With the data gathered, Jefferson applied for these benefits as well. Initially considered Federal loans, Jefferson was able to take advantage of other government initiatives to have the loans forgiven to provide us a $29,200 tax-free grant at the end of FY21.

After that, Jefferson reviewed the rules related to other federal and state initiatives and determined that we qualified for additional tax credits under the Employee Retention (Tax) Credit Program through herculean research of our payroll records. This edit earned us an additional $34,800 (with interest!). In FY22, we have received $23,600 of this, and the balance ($11,200) will be provided in FY23.

Thank you, Jefferson, for your long, meticulous, detail-oriented, and patient process invested in this effort on our behalf!

5 Responses to “Chickering Brings $64,000 to UU Manchester 

  1. Thanks, Jefferson. You have surely saved the church from financial insolvency.

  2. Thanks Jefferson, all credit to you for all this work. We are fortunate to have had you, your skills and willingness to provide your time and talent to provide this lifeline for the church.

    1. Thanks so much, Jefferson! Your hard work has brought a sigh of relief to all of us at UUM.

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